Friday, April 10, 2009

Kue Pukis

Maybe this cake had older than I did. Why? because it has been exist long time before I was born, that's my parents said. The name is Pukis Cake. It is a simple cake which baked. Take a look at this!

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Pukis Cake usually has two kind of shape, round and bar. For nice perform, can be added chocolate granules or choco chips.

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Putu Ayu

Another cup cake that always be a favourite ones. We call it: "Putu Ayu." Usually, it perform with green and white. The white level is come from the fresh coconut slice, which putting into the top of the cake.


This cake is not too sweet but have a good taste. Why don't make it so sweet? Because, it usually eat with tea or coffee. Nice to enjoy it, in the morning or evening time when you get relax. While the cake still warm will be great.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009


This dessert are so colorfull. The texture is so soft, with sensational taste in mouth. People know it as "Cenil." It made from a kind of flour named sagu. Mixed with boiled water, less sugar and coconut.

Mostly, people love to eat this with spread of white sugar that mixed on the food when its ready. Or... pure it with liquid palm sugar. Both are really have a great sweet you've ever taste.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kue Klepon

Another dessert you can find and mostly people love it is.... Klepon Cake.
It has a unique form, that is round... as big as a golf ball. When you bite, there are sweet taste. Where is it come from? By the way... inside the cake, there are some brown sugar added.
In outer side, there are coconut slice which get from the gratter. The main ingredients is rice flour.
How about the color? Mostly come with green perform. But it can be colorfull also, like yellow, red, white, purple, and more....

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Kue Mangkok

Kue mangkok or Cup Cake is one of market foods that still exist until nowadays. It has a nice form just like flower bloom. Red, green, white, brown, yellow, etc.... are easy to find especially in traditional market in Bandung, Indonesia.

It has simple ingredients, such as: rice flour, sugar, cold water, soda water, baking powder, etc.
Everytings goes well together. Kue Mangkok is not necessary to bake, but good to steam in hot water.

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